Outreach Partners

Multifaith Housing Initiative
Carlington Community Chaplaincy
Carleton University Ecumenical Chaplaincy
Centre 507
Centretown Churches Social Action Committee
Centretown Emergency Food Centre
Glebe-St. James Housing Fund
Christmas Hampers
Social action and advocacy
Stephen Lewis Foundation
Women of Action Ministry

Multifaith Housing Initiative

The mission of the Multifaith Housing Initiative is to provide and to promote affordable home space, to encourage harmonious relations amongst tenants of diverse backgrounds, and to mobilize the resources of faith communities and others for these purposes.
Needs: Volunteers for maintenance and renovation, resident support. Donations or loans for development of more affordable housing space.

Carlington Community Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy is an ecumenical ministry of presence in the Carlington area. The focus of the work is among those in public housing. The programs encourage a sense of wholeness, meaning and self-esteem.
Needs: Volunteers to be mentors for adults or young people, serve on supporting committees (communication, program support, funding), and get to know members of the community. Donations as Friends of the Chaplaincy to sustain and augment staff, and in-kind donations for specific program needs.

Carleton University Ecumenical Chaplaincy

The Ecumenical Chaplaincy provides religious support and spiritual care for students, staff, faculty and alumni of Carleton University.
Needs: Donations to sustain staff and insure continuity of programs. This includes hospitality for students during stressful study periods–food or money to purchase food and supplies.

Centre 507

Centre 507 is an adult drop-in centre that is open to all who seek a safe, friendly and supportive environment. Many Centre 507 participants face a combination of economic and social disadvantages. Homelessness, unstable housing, mental illness, addition, health concerns, poverty, employment and loneliness are among their challenges. We help our participants address these challenges.
Needs: Financial contributions from individuals and groups; practical items such as clothing and hygiene supplies; volunteers for the board of directors, special events, and friendly visitors to share talents in areas like crafting, music and computers.

Centretown Churches Social Action Committee (CCSAC)

This committee is currently comprised of twenty-four member churches. Its mission is to “unite Christians of all denominations through joint participation in social projects and prayers.” CCSAC was started in 1967 by nine churches to respond to social needs in the Centretown area. Since then, CCSAC has undertaken many initiatives on behalf of the poor and isolated in our community. CCSAC’s mandate also includes advocacy for social justice, especially for issues related to poverty.
Needs: Financial support will enable continued support of CEFC, and flexibility in supporting and advocating for other Centretown needs. Parking as it affects churches and volunteers has been an emphasis in the recent past. Advocating in support of affordable housing and other poverty-related issues is a future direction being considered.

The Centretown Emergency Food Centre (CEFC) 

This is the main program of CCSAC. The Food Centre’s mandate is to serve those in need in the Centretown area.
Needs: Donations of food or money to purchase food, or time sorting and packaging donated items, meeting clients, and helping with food drives.

Glebe-St. James Housing Fund and OMRA Shelter Alternatives (Ottawa Mennonite Church)

Housing needs of larger refugee families are being met in three properties purchased through this program of the Ottawa Mennonite Church. Commissions from sales of grocery gift cards are donated by participating churches to keep rent costs down for tenants by covering maintenance costs and rent subsidies.
Needs: More households to participate in the gift card program; volunteers interested in helping with repairs and maintenance or interacting with residents.

Christmas Hampers

This is a co-operative project of Southminster, Centretown, and Glebe-St. James United Churches. Recipients of the hampers are primarily chosen from among Centre 507 and CEFC clients.
Needs: In the period leading up to Christmas, volunteers are needed to co-ordinate the packing of hampers, to sort and pack food, and just prior to distribution, to sort and pack perishable items. Sponsor a hamper (about $50), or make packing and sorting a family activity.
Social action and advocacy–Petitions, letter writing and demonstrations.

Recent issues

Access to affordable generic medicines in developing countries.
Commitment to support of supported affordable housing (“Put a Roof on Poverty”).
Closing of prison farms.
Various issues in municipal and federal elections.
1. Feedback from you about what is important to you and actions you would like to see taken;
2. Volunteers to monitor the Ottawa Justice Network, the United Church of Canada Web site, monitor federal, provincial and municipal legislation, and maintain the binder on letter-writing and petitions;
3. Individuals to co-ordinate letter-writing and gathering petition signatures from time to time.

Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign

Current “Grassroots” newsletter
Members of the congregation are represented in various local Grannies groups, and support has been enthusiastic. We need to know if your interest continues.

Women of Action Ministry, Malawi

A group of AIDS widows in Malawi wants to develop agricultural knowledge and craft skills to become self-supporting and independent. Links with NGOs like the Stephen Lewis Foundation are being investigated. The women are negotiating support from the government of Malawi and other regional co-operative arrangements. SLF could not fund them this time, but an application will be submitted in the next SLF funding cycle.
We are trying to find a way to transfer funds collected through a channel approved by Revenue Canada. All Africa Council of Churches, a UCC partner, has members in Malawi.



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